The White Witch is back and stronger than ever. When she threatens the very existence of Narnia, Earth and even the whole universe by unleashing untold power deep within the heart of Narnia, the Narnians have to sound the horn to bring back the heroes of Narnia. However, the Doctor finds himself drawn to Narnia, with his TARDIS leading the way. Will Aslan, the Heroes of Narnia, The Doctor and his companions save Narnia and the whole universe? Or will the White Witch win? And is she the only one hell-bent on destroying the fabric of space and time?

This is a The Chronicles Of Narnia, a Doctor Who, a The Hunger Games, and an Alice In Wonderland crossover RP.

Canon Concerns:
Doctor Who Series 6
The Chronicles Of Narnia: Voyage Of The Dawn Treader (Movieverse) [Though you can play other characters in the book]
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (During The 75th Hunger Games)

Possibly other fandoms can be incorporated into this RP if it's reasonable.

Amelia Jessica Pond | Species: Human | Age: 23 | Fandom Relation: Doctor Who | FC: Karen Gillan | Taken

Amelia Pond, married to Rory Williams and best friends with the Doctor, has been living an impossible life. Travelling through time and space with her imaginary friend from her childhood and following him into danger time and time again. She trusts the Doctor with her life, but what will happen when she follows him into Narnia?

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